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Brochure Design


Brochure design is a powerful offline marketing tool that carries your company’s image and message. It serves to provide further information about your business, its products and services.

Do people still make brochures?

Yes, it may seem as if everything has gone digital overnight, and that print has become obsolete. Think again. Any piece of marketing material leaves an impression on a potential customer, especially if its done correctly and is consistent to your brand. A good brochure helps represent your business in print. If it’s done professionally, and in keeping with your company image and vision, then people will walk away with a professional opinion and the correct message.

Somode still does Brochures…

We can ensure that your brochure sends out the right message for your business, one that is positive and gets people talking and wanting more. Enough to give you a call to find out more or research your services and products on the net. 

Apart from print-ready documents Somode also does interactive PDF’s as well as iBook Author, this way your brochure is both physical and virtual. These can be handed to a customer or emailed to a potential customer and even available as a download on your website.


Mobile Apps


mobile application (or mobile app) is a software application designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

What mobile apps have to offer your business?

A mobile app offers an experience that is very different to looking at your business through a website. An app is precise, tactile and has a purpose that adds value to your business.

Our approach to Mobile Apps…

Before starting on a mobile app, we look at how an app can be of benefit to your business, your target audience and if investing in an app would be worth while for you. If we see a need for an app, we start with understanding its purpose, workshopping and then mock-ups are presented to make sure we have the correct flow and the app is intuitive. Apart from a functional app, user experience is key to a successful app.


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