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Design has taken on a different stance over the last ten years; it has evolved to become a fundamental part of any business. It’s not about the font or the wireframe; it is about the product as a whole.

Why does your company need to look at design this way…

The online landscape is changing at a very fast pace, in order to keep up, you need evolve and remain current. U don’t need a rebranding process or a complete makeover. You do need a new way of using what you already have, enhancing it, sharpening it so that people pay attention.

How can Somode help your company with design …

We assess what you already have; thereafter look at what needs to be added in and then what can be sharpened and spiced up. We re-define your existing look to bring out company voice, tone and style.


Logo Design

This is the process of creating a unique symbol or mark that identifies a company, and one that is recognizable by customers and instill your company values.

What makes a logo work…

A good logo is pleasing to the eye, evokes a positive emotion and is memorable, no matter at what size it is being displayed, a business card or a billboard.

How can we make your logo work well?

Once we fully understand what your company is about, its vision, goals and culture, and how you want to be perceived by the public, we set to work on crafting this unique mark that best represents your company.



Corporate Identity

This refers to qualities of a company that make it different from other companies, by use of a logo design and application thereof to all visual elements relating to the company.

Why does your company need a corporate identity…

In order for customers to identify who you are and what you stand for, they need to see your unique mark applied consistently to various elements within your business. This promotes your professionalism and individuality.

How can Somode help…

We can apply your logo to all the stationery that you will need to run your business on a daily basis, both print and digital. Maintaining consistency strengthens your brand, and that is where our expertise lie.




Virtual location on WWW, containing several subject or company related webpages and data files accessible through a browser, allowing customers access to info about you.

Why is it important to have this online presence?

To be successful in this decade, having a website is of utmost importance. This is a cost effective and quick way to get your name out there, not only locally but internationally. A website is not only a representation of your company but a space to advertise and showcase your products and services. Information and pricing is also available to customers 24/7.

How do we approach websites?

We assess what needs to be made available to your customers and provide helpful resources to them and thereby increase your value on the web. Today, everything is about valid, relevant information that can be easily accessed and viewed; we can help get you there.


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