Just once…

Just once, have you had a conversation with another person and felt that you connected. That what you were saying to them about what you believe and how you saw things, was you truly speaking your mind. Truly believing in what you were saying, understanding it, living it and teaching it. It was all you, nothing added, nothing taken away. And while speaking to them, seeing that they genuinely knew what you meant, as if they had already lived it. As if they were witnessing another person finding themselves. Watching them patiently watch you as you discover what your purpose here is meant to be.

Just once, think about something your parents told you about lots of years ago, and you thought it was irrelevant to your life or how you had planned to live it. Go back and find just one thing, now re-visit it and notice just how much relevance it holds in your life. Notice how its meaning has aged like a good wine and now holds so much depth.

Just once, really listen when someone speaks. Look them in the eye and really listen. Not stare, but put yourself into their shoes for that space of time and really understand what they saying. It will scare them a bit, cos they will feel exposed, they will feel judged and become unsure. Without saying a word, if you can show that you can be trusted, you have gained a genuine friend.

Just once, take the time and effort to make another person smile. No matter how small the gesture is, smiling is contagious. You smile. I smile.

Just once, forget that all the bad things that happen are just bad luck, but that it was put there to stop something even worse from happening. And that good things happen to you, because it was meant for you, at exactly that precise time. If it hasn’t happened, then it’s still to come. And when its your time, it’s your time.

Just once, we all get to live in this world, make it count.



“There isn’t a way things should be. There’s just what happens, and what we do.” – Colour Me Distracted Blog

“Don’t let your morale flag. Be daunted, but not defeated. Remember: the spirit, above all else, counts. If you have the will to live, you will. Good luck!” – The Life of Pi

“Ride or Die” – Fast and Furious





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