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Starting out with a new business can be so overwhelming, because you want everything perfectly in place before you unveil it to the world, that sometimes, the word “website” can be daunting. I came across this infographic and thought I’d share it as it breaks down “building a website” very clearly and simply.

The thing I love most about being a designer is taking a complex situation and breaking it down to its bare minimum, re-constructing it with just the basics, then adding on some “accessories” to make it stand out. Be it a website, an infographic, a flyer or an advert, they all have a message or a story just waiting to be told, and when you find that message and make it visible…it is the most rewarding feeling.

Websites may seem complex to any person who has never been involved in putting one together, just the thought of it is overwhelming because the first thing you think is…where will I get all the info!! I felt that way before i put my own website together – and i’m a designer! Not just from a few years ago, but from the days of Go Live and ICQ!

Well, i got my website up and running and i’m proud of my content – at least, I think of it as ever-changing, it will evolve and grow as I grow and discover new things. Now when i look at this great infographic, the process is so clear, that even though i know how to start a website and follow through – i see it even more clearly now.

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