Things i carry with me…

I read this article and just sat there smiling, everything about it is so true to myself….

The things i carry with me (apart from my smartphone) is my notebook and my lip balm. I love notebooks, everything about them, the feel, the smell of a new notebook, and a very old one too! These days we have so many choices of notebooks that its a bit ironic with us moving to a paperless world.

I use my notebook not only for taking notes, its my doodle pad, my scribble pad, my sketch pad, my quick journal entry, important numbers and contact details. I have this coding system where I mark certain things off with stars or small circles as i take notes while I’m at clients. The stars mean I need to research this topic or idea and circles refer to “what is required or important”. So after my meeting, I can quickly scheme through and pick out research items and important stuff.

Sometimes after a long explanation about a topic, I can’t find the words to jot it down, I make a quick sketch to remember it and later on I add the words to it. All my entries have dates, times and who attended the meeting. I try to write full sentences as far as possible , and as legible as possible – I love this! Its almost therapeutic, the way the pen glides across the paper transforming its clean, smooth surface from nothing to something important, something worth reading or looking at again. This is where my iPad falls short, although the way  my Notes sync between my iPhone, iPad and MacBook is just fascinating to me!!

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