Yes, i’m addicted to my smartphone…

So today I dropped the two kids off at school, the older one now in Grade 3 walks herself to class and the younger one in Grade 0 has to be walked in by a parent.Usually i take my phone along…so I have car keys in one hand, hold his hand with the other and my phone in my pocket. I’m just used to doing it that way even tho i hardly ever use the phone in that few minutes that I walk to his class and back to the car. So today, I decide to leave the phone…


I get to his class and his teacher has a roster up for parent-teacher interviews, i need to fill in a slot to see her…I don’t have my phone with me, my calendar is on there, I take a guess and book the same day as the older one’s interview, different time slot. As I walk back to the car I keep repeating the date and time so that i don’t forget it before i book out that time in my calendar…I’m paranoid, trying to avoid any other contact with other moms or dads just so that i focus and remember to book the time out, and even more, that I remember the time that I need to book out!

I get to the car and remember that I also need to check at the older kids reception if they will be doing extra murals today…and…I walk passed the car and go straight to her reception area! Calendar, time slot, parent interview completely escaping my mind…all this within a few seconds because my mind has a new focus…reception area, extra murals…

I get there, wait in line behind one other person and then see a note up for times when the uniform shop is open over the school holidays, I need to get winter uniforms for the kids, I need to record those dates and times….I see myself taking a quick pic of that notice to diarise later when i realise that i still don’t have my phone with me….aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!

Just as I’m growling inwardly, the receptionist askes me how she can help me…it takes me a few seconds to gather my thoughts and then ask about the extra murals, she checks her computer and confirms that its on for today. Now I leave her office, my mind feels as if it has a thousand things swimming through it, some floating, some sinking and i’m trying really hard to remember everything!!

I get to my car, grab the phone and this wave of relieve that spreads over me is so welcomed. I breathe out a sigh of relief and just hold on to my phone for a few seconds before even swiping the screen. Suddenly i know exactly what the appointments are, dates and times of the various interviews, uniform shop dates and times….and i calmly type in each one, set reminders and then just relax.

As I look around me, i see the parking lot is almost empty and I realise that I been here way longer than should be. I get myself ready to leave and drive off happily, knowing that I have everything under control right here by my side, I will get through yet another week, organised and fully knowing what to expect as I go along, thanks to my trusty smartphone…and then it beeps…”Low battery”!!!

I read this post this morning and it was just so apt… (

And yes, I admit, I am addicted to my smartphone.


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